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87,281 reasons to cut the cord

| June 30, 2016
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I love mindlessly watching TV after a long day of work, and so does the rest of America.  Like most of America you probably pay an average cable bill of $86/month or more to watch 10 channels out of the 190 that are offered in your cable package. 

What would happen if instead of paying $86/month you opted for a streaming service costing $9/month and saved the additional $77/month and invested it toward retirement?

*$87,281 more for you and your family at retirement...that is what would happen.  Savings add up more and more over time!

*Assuming you earned a hypothetical 7% return over 30 years. The hypothetical investment results are for illustrative purposes only and should not be deemed a representation of past or future results. Actual investment results may be more or less than those shown. This does not represent any specific product and/or service.

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