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What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care consists of a range of services and support for your personal care needs. Most long-term care is help with basic personal tasks of everyday life that consist of 6 activities of daily living;

  1. Bathing

  2. Dressing

  3. Using the toilet

  4. Transferring

  5. Incontinence

  6. Eating


At this point there is about a *69% chance that you will need some kind of long term care during your lifetime.  The typical range of services include the following;

  • In-home nursing care

  • Adult day care

  • Assisted living facility

  • Nursing homes

  • Hospice


Many people believe that our healthcare system will help them pay for these services, but that is only true for a small amount of circumstances, for a limited amount of time, and will only apply to approved facilities and care.  For instance, Medicaid/MediCal will only pay for LTC costs if the individual has under $2,000 in total assets


As the **74 million baby boomer generation begins to create a larger demand for LTC it is only a matter of time before the demand for quality LTC facilities outweighs the supply.  It is never too late to start planning for LTC costs, but the sooner you do the cheaper it will be for you and your loved ones.


*The statistics on this page were taken from the

**Generational information provided by

Who buys LTC?

The largest group of people who buy long term care insurance are the ones who have had personal experience. They have seen their parents or grandparents either spend everything on care or seen the benefit of having LTC.  The impact it had on them and their family, and they don't want that to happen to their spouse and children.

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