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Our Investment Process

Past Performance with a Grain of Salt

Historical performance has long been a primary driver in decision making for many investors.  We believe that this practice by itself can lead to excessive risk and potential future disappointment. There are no managers that consistently beat the market or receive returns without taking on their fair share of risk.  Markets look toward the future and can’t be replicated according to past performance.  Selling performance is Wall Street’s way of creating a Pavlovian response to buy a specific fund for investors.    At Advanced Planning Solutions, we believe that a well-rounded portfolio with steady long term performance is the path to reaching your end goal.

Setting Expectations

At Advanced Planning Solutions, our investment philosophy is focused on taking the appropriate amount of risk to drive performance while taking your goals and time horizon into consideration.  Having said that, markets have their fair share of challenging periods so part of our job is to keep you calm and on track during these turbulent times.

These periods of heightened volatility can occur at any time, as we remember from 2008.   It is during these times where many investors make rash decisions due to fear and try to time the market, but this can create a ‘whipsaw’ event.  A ‘whipsaw’ is where you sell when the market is down, and then buy back when the market starts to recover, compounding already large losses.  We want to make sure that you are invested properly so you are comfortable and we can increase the likelihood of achieving your long-term goals.

There are two sides to every story, which is why we stay consistent during ‘hot’ markets as well.  As the Callan Chart will show you, an asset class can have phenomenal returns one year and then dismal returns the next so it’s important not to chase assets classes or sectors.  Taking a longer term approach with investing allows for a higher probability to achieve your future financial goals.  

Risk determines Performance

  • Our way of assessing risk makes sure that you get your fair share of market returns by taking the appropriate amount of risk according to your comfort level. 
  • We strive for positive long term returns and don't stress short term swings in the market.The timing and rate at which withdrawals occur can be more impactful than actual returns.  
  • We monitor the accounts that the withdrawals come from to minimize any such impacts.