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Retirement Planning & Bucket Strategy

Retirement planning can be intimidating, that is why we are here to help you all the way through.

As lifespans increase, it is important to make sure that you don’t outlive your retirement funds.  The process of creating a retirement plan is an evolving one that changes along with your life.  Upon becoming a client we will sit down with you and start by discussing current and future expenses, uncovering your assets, determining goals, and then after further discovery we will incorporate The Bucket Strategy, described below, to determine how to appropriately invest your assets taking your risk level into consideration. 

Our job is to make your financial life more manageable and secure so you can spend time with the people and things in your life that are most important.  

The Bucket Strategy

Each client fills their bucket with different assets, but the overall objective is the same.  We first make sure that their is income to pay for basic living expenses by creating streams of income, then we invest in intermediate assets designed to pay for more infrequent expenses, and then finally we invest for the long term. 

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