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Our Vision

Creating a Foundation

Advanced Planning Solutions was founded in the 1990's with the goal of offering a full-service financial planning firm in a comfortable environment.  One which put the interests of the client above all else and was not restrained by a large company.  

At the heart of the business is a hand-holding approach built on education.  We continually educate our clients so they are comfortable and confident.  

Continued Growth

Why is growth important for you?

A constantly growing firm is a strong firm.  It means that they have clients that appreciate the work that is being done and capital is being added to make the experience for the clients better.  

Throughout the years we have grown to a large independent advisory firm consisting of two other financial advisors and a director of operations.  Our growth stems from three main factors which we believe is a tribute to our professionalism;

  1. Portfolio & Investment Growth
  2. Client Retention
  3. Referrals 

Portfolio & Investment Growth - Organic growth through portfolio performance is a large factor to our success.  Since we are fee-based advisor we grow as our clients portfolios grow.

Client Retention - Our high client retention rate is very important and something we are very proud of.  We strive for exceptional customer service and it shows by our high rate. 

Referrals - A referral is a testament to the good service you provide and we take that to heart. 

Meet the Team

Fiduciary Responsibility

The word "fiduciary" comes from the Latin word fiducia, or "trust." So a fiduciary is someone in a position of trust. Fiduciary responsibility means acting in the other party's best interest, giving the assignment the highest level of care possible.  

Fee-Based Independent Advice

Our compensation is not designed solely to manage your money, but more importantly to provide advice as your personal financial professional.  As milestone life events occur, having a telephone number you can call, where a familiar voice will pick up to help you understand the financial implications of your decision can put you quickly at ease and make all the difference.    

Client Relationships

The relationship between a client and their financial advisor should be a strong one.  We hold this belief at the core of our operations and want our clients to feel they can call us for anything affecting their financial life.

Education at our Core

It's important to us that clients don't lose sleep over their investments.  We provide education through our entire relationship so they understand where returns come from and why they are invested the way they are.  

It is because of our education process that when markets are turbulent we don't give high volumes of worried clients.