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Create a Relationship

We start with a complimentary meeting so we can determine if a relationship is beneficial for both parties.  Once we agree to work with one another we begin by knowing your current situation in detail.  We will go through goals, priorities, feelings, your future and family dynamics.  Privacy is always a top priority of ours and have a strict client-advisor privacy policy.   

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Gather Information

Once we know your situation well enough we will start bringing you ideas, suggestions and alternatives to plan your journey.  This will include investment decisions, asset preservation, employer benefits, social security, RMDs and anything else that currently affects your situation.  As your advisor we will always be looking for new strategies will help you along your life journey.   

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Make a Plan

Once we have gone through your options and presented our ideas to you it is time to make a decisions.  We will create an investment proposal to review along with the beginning of your financial plan.  We are going to offer our recommendations at this point and you are going to be able to choose which path you want to take.  This will lead us to our first draft of the plan and we will start putting the plan into place.  

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Monitor & Adjust

Your world can change for the better or worse very quickly.  We know that the plans that we create will need to be adjusted.  We frequently conduct reviews so we can make adjustments and keep you on course.  

We pride ourselves in getting back to clients very quickly and more often than not we will be there to pick up your phone call.

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