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AVOID these 9 Retirement REGRETS

Ahh, The Golden Years. It’s a time for fun, freedom, relaxation, pickleball, golf and potential regrets. There are tons of studies done on this topic and for good reason. And there’s no better person to ask what those regrets are than someone who has lived a full life and had a solid retirement.

In this video, we will review some major regrets of retirees. Some are financial while others are based on health and happiness.

  1. No Retirement Goals - This one makes a lot of sense. I’m a big believer in creating goals and it shouldn’t end with your career. Create some life goals or a bucket list to kick off retirement.

  2. Lack of Purpose - You need a reason to get up in the morning. Start a Second-Act Career right off the bat. Either non- profit or extra spending money. Take care of your grandkids.

  3. Not Focusing on Mental and Physical Health - I talk about this a lot… I think these go hand in hand because if you are going for walks and exercising that is going to help your mental and physical health. Try starting a hobby that is physical & social. Some ideas, exercise classes, hiking, yoga studio, cycling with a group, swimming, anything that gets you outside, exercising with other people.

  4. Not spending more time with Family - This is a very common one. Start an annual family reunion that fits within your budget.

  5. A Vague or No Financial Plan - Whether you plan on putting one together yourself or hiring someone like me to help us, it needs to be done. If you’re interested in working with us visit our website to schedule a complimentary call at

  6. Failing to Embrace a Slower Pace - It’s easy to relax for a day or two , but people tend to get anxious after a while. They have pushed themselves to be better, work harder and feel guilty about relaxation.

  7. Underestimating LTC costs - Long term care increases by roughly 5% that number is projected to increase with the large amount of baby boomers aging.

  8. Bad Purchases & Money Spent - Does it give you joy? Boats, Vacation Homes, Time shares, cars, a big house, early gifts

  9. Not Factoring in Inflation - Inflation has been red hot over the last couple of years so it’s easy to see right now the effects it can have. Make sure you stress test your plan for inflationary events.

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