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7 CLEAR signs you are READY to RETIRE

Am I ready to retire? It’s a simple question that most people don’t ask soon enough and it might end up costing you those first few golden years of retirement. It’s so easy to continue working during your golden years because you have probably been working all of your adult life and it’s what is comfortable.

Oftentimes, people fail to ask the question because they are concerned about inflation, the stock market, politics or some other scary BOOGIE MAN. I’m not here to say those things aren’t a concern, because they very much are. But don’t let them get in the way of the end goal.

Here's 7 indicators that you are ready to retire

1. Golden Years are flying by - Time is the only commodity you can’t get back. ONCE IT'S GONE, ITS GONE! You’re grand kids are growing up, you’re traveling days are ticking away or your body is starting to hurt more. These are all things that can’t be overlooked.

2. Health is declining quickly - This can come in many forms, mobility, transportation, life threatening.

3. Job has become too stressful - Tech moving too quick, too much demand for your age, hate coming into the office.

4. Ready to Pursue a 2nd act - This could be working for a non-profit that you really care about or... it could be a way to work part-time doing something you really enjoy to make some extra money to do the things you love.

5. Guaranteed sources of income are enough for your current lifestyle - If you add up Social Security, Pension, rental income, etc. and it equals your expenses then you are probably ready. The one thing I want to bring up is don’t overlook inflation because sometimes income won’t grow as fast as inflation.

6. When you have saved enough money - Discuss benefits of a Retirement Plan with your financial advisor or a CFP.

7. No Debt - Good debt vs. bad debt

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